sEnanduNg sAkura

ini merupakan lembaran baru bagi saya. lembaran hidup yang lama saya nantikan. sedih dan tangis itu telah kering terganti dengan senyum di atas titik nol yang berwujud garis lurus yang memiliki nilai tanpa batas. nilai awalan setelah melewati berbagai warna hidup. masa lalu yang menyakitkan membawa sebuah awalan yang telah tersimpan hikmah.

dan sekarang aku hanya menanti hikmah yang terkandung dalam setiap langkah yang aku pilih. diiringi oleh warna indah bunga sakura yang telah menanti setia di setiap musimnya. Sakura itu telah menanti di setiap musim. menanti setiap manusia untuk menikmati indahmu dan melupakan semua tangis kesedihan.

terimakasih sakura . . . .

kusambut senandung mu

ku nikmati warna anggun mu

terima kasih ku untuk Dzat Maha Sempurna 

atas kesempurnaan hidupku

foto: maRUyAma tERa KYoto


i’LL aLWays keEP moViN9, but somETimes LooK at baCk to LEarn wHAt WAs hapPEned to me






  1. h4ruhik@ri said,

    April 12, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    mari kita kembali warnai hidup ini bak sakura yang indah itu prend…
    semoga dengan cahaya dari Illahi bisa membuat hati akan terus bersemi…

    atMA v^_9 : saKuRA memaN9 indAH kawAN. . . keindahan yang mampu membuang kesedihan dan menggantikan dengan warna-warni keceriaan. . .v^_9

  2. holi said,

    April 13, 2009 at 11:48 am

    nah gitu donk… we should wake up from our darkness.. where… we have the bright future… not just come by it self.. but we should reach it.. with our heart… make it more colours… remember there’s a lot of people, friends, especially family.. who need u… dont be SAD again ya… WELL Buddy nice sakura hana ….

    atMA v^_9 : sou dayou ne, kao o agete, sora o mite, yume o totte, ima kara zutto aruite, miraie shinjiteiru. . . . v^_9

  3. Nymph said,

    May 18, 2009 at 1:35 am

    A Gift From The Unforgettable Cemani

    Dear World,
    Here i write to tell my heart scratches..

    I have met Bunda few days back, that was precious moment i ever had in my life.. Firstly, hardly able for me to find her house. I had to ask at least 7 different people. Finally i found her shady n beautiful pink house in the border of street. I took a deep breathe for a single word “Assalammualaikum”, cause i was bit nervous that time.. My heart pretty closed from stop beating when i saw her stepped down to the stairs. “ are so beautiful..” i spoke to my self.. She said me “Waalaikumsalam, please come in” with her soft voice. She was so welcoming me, it washed my nervous away.. “Come to the up stair, let’s talk there” She asked me as if we have met for years. Then we talked and shared on the second floor. Couple minutes later a man with perfect personality came up from the down stair. I wondered who he is..and guess was right, he is a very wise n calm man, he is my shadow’s father. In the middle of our conversation, suddenly Bunda walked to the back to put something to eat. few seconds later, she brought a plate of delicious brownies and two glasess of warm tea. “Please taste this cake and kindly drink the tea” Bunda said to me and my friend.. I took the cake n started to drink the tea. was so delicious. Thank you Bunda..

    No words could describe the beauty of Bunda. She is so caring, loving, warm, soft, smart and wise. Bunda, i wish i could be your daughter, i would have been the luckiest person in this earth. Lucky you having a son like Adit, he is not only smart but also brilliant..

    Deep down of my heart, I think I have fallen in love with you, Bunda… though we just met once, it doesn’t mean I couldn’t see you again..I will surely come to your house some day, to bring a plate of brownies made in by me..

    Thanks to Adit who let me write this feeling on his blog..and thanks to Bunda who give me more meaning of “Mom”. I love you Bunda…

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